the library of julio santo domingo

The Centre for the Artist Book receives generous donation

 The Library of Julio Santo Domingo

 This privately printed two volume book has been produced in a limited edition of 500 by the family of the late Julio Santo Domingo to commemorate the LSD Library, Santo Domingo’s comprehensive collection of rare books, ephemera, manuscripts, art and all manner of objects, which focused on altered states of consciousness and allied subjects.

The collection of over 100,000 items was formed over decades in Geneva and is now on long-term deposit with Harvard’s Houghton Library and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The book is a 900-page production in two volumes, in a fine binding and handmade box. It is lavishly illustrated with items chosen from the collection and was designed by Yolanda Cuomo with accompanying text by Peter Watts.

The family of the late Julio Santo Domingo has generously donated a copy from the limited edition of 500  to the Centre for the Artist Book.