stand 8 sue pogiolli 6 abmf 2017

Stand 8
Sue Poggioli

6th ab+mf 2017


Making books has grown out of my printmaking and drawing practices. Taking a book from the shelf and engaging completely with it is a meditative act that is not possible with other art forms; smelling the ink, touching the pages, turning the pages, images speaking to each other in a unique way; the possibility of flipping backwards and forwards, starting at the back or the front or in the middle, possibly a new experience at each viewing.
Reusing etching plates and lino blocks provides an opportunity to view their images in a different, changed way, as they are layered, cut across, juxtaposed with unrelated imagery. There is an element of chance and serendipity in this, a controlled chance, allowing for play and experimentation with colour, line and shape. Layering of images echoing layering of emotions, experiences, states of mind, like woven textiles, warp and weft creating patterns. This experience feeds back into my art making and my seeing of the world around me.
Imagery comes from my environment both external and internal; the lines and colours of trees echoing emotional states; people moving together and around each other perhaps visitors to an art museum bringing their own stories and experiences to viewing iconic paintings.
The physical work of constructing a book is in itself a meditative process allowing space for further ideas and avenues of thought to develop.


(tunnel book in slip case)
Surprised is part of an ongoing series of lino prints showing art museum visitors interacting with iconic artworks, as a group of people, as individuals. Here we see Henri Rousseau’s painting by the same name. The tunnel book form has transformed the print into a stage, the gallery visitors and the painting actors on a stage. Lino prints, grey board, linen thread, archival paper. 33 x 33 x 8cm. Edition of 8 (8 available)

Trees I

(concertina book)
Fabriano, lino prints, linen thread, Perspex
21 x 29 x 6cm. Unique

Trees II
(snake book)
Fabriano, lino prints, linen thread, Perspex
21 x 29 x 6cm. Unique

Tall Trees

(Coptic binding)
Perspex, linen thread
7.5 x 2.5 x 44cm. Unique

Black Trees

(coptic binding)
archival paper, lino prints, linen thread
10 x 11 x 3cm. Unique


(snake book in slip case)
Folds was made in response to the conference theme, folds of fabric, an unmade bed, curtains, transformed into an etching with line, printed intaglio and relief, then cut and sewn into a book, folded into a box. Archival paper, etchings, relief prints, linen thread, grey board. 9 x 12.5 x 16.5cm. Unique

Brown paper

(Coptic binding)
brown paper, mulberry paper, ink, linen thread, grey board
10 x 8 x 5cm. Unique