stand 3 florance 6th abmf 2017

Stand 3
Caren Florance
Ampersand Duck
 Small Publisher
6th ab+mf 2017

Caren Florance is increasingly working on collaborative projects with poets. Driven by the practice of each poet, together they embark on publishing projects that flow through a variety of formats, from zine to chapbook to limited edition or unique artist book. The poetry is original, formed by and feeding into the book processes. The overall theme of the projects is textual activity. Caren is currently finishing her PhD on collaboration, poetry and artist books with the University of Canberra. She also teaches in the Printmedia & Drawing Workshop, ANU School of Art.

Caren Florance and Angela Gardner

Working Papers: hone/torrent (2015-17)
Working Papers: hone/torrent is an experimental collaborative artist book project. It explores disruption, disorder and erasure as a creative methodology. Unbound, interfolded and uncut, its folded lack of logic forces the reader to unfold the pages in ways that demand extra space, time and thought. The poetic text, handset by the poet in a stream-of-consciousness composition and then repeatedly overprinted by the printer in an similarly ‘random’ manner, hints at narrative, playing with itself and the reader’s eye, allowing shallow looking and close reading. There are only 3 copies, each unique within a variable edition, with one copy (not at this fair) that includes responsive drawings by Gardner. There is an associated commercial poetry chapbook called The Future, Unimagine. Letterpress and drawing on Gyokurya washi, unbound, housed in archival polyprop boxes. 350 x 250 x 10. 
Variable edition of 3. Numbers 1 (AG:CF) & 2 (AG:CF:AG) are kept together as a set (#2 has responsive drawings by AG). #3 (AG:CF) is showing at the 6th ab+m fair.

Reuben Ingall / Caren Florance / Angela Gardner

Sounding/Working Papers
Sounding/Working Papers was a performative sound translation of printed work from Caren Florance’s Reading Spaces exhibition, presented as part of You Are Here Festival 2017. Ingall treated Working Papers (Florance/Gardner) as a graphic score, transcribing sections with a computer keyboard, and using the density of printed marks on the page as a guide to the speed of his typing. His homebrewed software treated each key pressed as an instruction to play tones, sample the gallery’s ambience (including typing noises), or remix its own output. This release is an unedited live recording of the performance, made on 8th April 2017 at East Space, Queen Elizabeth Terrace, ACT.
Limited to twenty copies each of three different covers.
Art by Caren Florance from Working Papers.
CD in paper folder $15.00

Caren Florance and Angela Gardner (in association with Recent Work Press)

The Future, Unimagine (2017)
Poet Angela Gardner’s poem, ‘the future, unimagine’ is combined with Caren Florance’s overprinted visuals from their collaborative letterpress book Working Papers: hone/torrent, to provide an augmented reading experience. Paperback, 203 x 228, 48pp.
$10.00 ea.

Angela Gardner (Caren Florance), etc.

Caren Florance invited Angela Gardner to play a game, where they would text each other lines of Gardner’s poems and accept any autocorrection that their respective phones offered. The three states of each poem (original/Nokia/iPhone) became the Interference chapzine. Handsewn chapbook, 210 x 130, 24pp.
$10.00 ea.

Caren Florance and Melinda Smith (in association with Recent Work Press)

Members Only (2017)
Members Only is the take-home adaption of the limited edition collaborative letterpress artist book 1962: Be Spoken To, a playful poetic ‘biography’ of a year in the life of Old Parliament House in Canberra. Arranged temporally and architecturally, there are original poems alongside found poems constructed from official documents of the time.
Paperback, 203 x 228, 48pp.
$10.00 ea.

Caren Florance with Owen Bullock, Monica Carroll, Tania de Rozario, Angela Gardner, Philip Gross, Nicci Haynes, Jacqui Malins, Paul Munden, Shags, Melinda Smith, Shane Strange, Jen Webb.
Australia, UK, Singapore

Swipe series
Ten poets and two artists script their own versions of a colour photocopy zine called Swipe by Caren Florance. This is an ongoing series that will result in an interactive website.
Hand-sewn zine, c.199 x 140, 16pp.
$4.00 ea. set for $50.00

Materiality magazine (Pinknantucket Press)
Also displayed are various issues of Materiality magazine (Pinknantucket Press), featuring original artwork and writings by Australian creatives, including Caren Florance, edited by Alice Cannon.

Caren Florance

Proseity (2017)
Proseity is a print-on-demand (POD) art book that plays with the visual poetics of the printed text-block via the proseity of brown paper and ink. Offset letterpress prints have been reproduced and arranged into a series of ‘lineated’ visual poems that riff upon textual dynamics. This is also a celebration of the serendipitous marks that arise during print production. Simple and elegant, the work acts as a meditation on publishing. Hardback, 20.3 x 12.7cm. 24pp.
$30.00 ea.