stand 11 milroy freeman ashby 6th abmf 2017

Stand 11
Milroy-Australia / Freeman-USA / Ashby-Australia
6th ab+mf 2017

Artists Milroy (Brisbane, Australia), Freeman (Chicago, USA) and Ashby (Melbourne, Australia) have joined together for the second abbe conference to display both individual and collaborative works at the 6th ab+mf 2017.

Dr AK Milroy

1. Epistêmê, technê and poïesis
visualisations of evolution and extinction in Queensland Flora.
A PhD thesis, presented in the form of an artists’ book, examines how the outcomes of a practice based visual researcher may significantly contribute to the development and communication of knowledges in scientific practice. And conversely, how scientific research practices may contribute to the development and communication of knowledges in artistic practice.

2. Anamnesis
‘Anamnesis means remembrance or reminiscence, the collection and re-collection of what has been lost, forgotten, or effaced. It is therefore a matter of the very old, of what has made us who we are. But anamnesis is also a work that transforms its subject, always producing something new. To recollect the old, to produce the new: that is the task of Anamnesis.’ (Harman, G, 2009). Prince of Networks and Metaphysics. Melbourne, Australia. Mixed media, Perspex, paper, wood.

Brad Freeman

1. OZ  JULY-AUG 2015
OZ is a visual poem based on photographs taken during my stay in Australia in July and August, 2015. The impetus for the trip was the Artist Book Brisbane Event (ABBE) at the Queensland College of Art and I decided to extend my stay, because, who knows, I may never go to the Antipodes again. The photographs retrain a trace of their documentary aspect and provide the foundation for this poetic response to a history of Australia which starts and ends in a conception of Aboriginal dream time. This book was created before and during the printing-printed sheets provided areas, forms, and ideas to grow the project in ways unseen at the beginning.

Dr Lyn Ashby

1. A Morning in May
This book is a paean to the wonders of both caffeine and the (typo)graphic mark on paper. Compounding textual, typographic and image sequences weave the story of an unusual experience one morning at breakfast. Is all this a once-in-a-lifetime revelation, or just a trance conjured by a wild ride through marks on paper?
Handmade, hardcover, section-sewn, limited-edition book, archival digital prints on Arches watercolour paper. 20 x 27cm. POA

2. everthing … and this
Is the universe governed by addition, subtraction, multiplication, algorithm? Or some other unknown system? Whatever the underlying language, how, in the end, does it answer the usual big questions for humans: mortality, blue skies, tribal insanities, rain trails on rushing train windows, inner city manholes?
Handmade, hardcover, section-sewn, limited-edition book, archival digital prints. 20 x 27cm. POA