peter lyssiotis qca exhibition 2017

photomontage in history

Peter Lyssiotis
Australia born Cyprus 1948

7 Disrupted Interviews With History
Photomontage as an art form began with John Heartfield and George Grosz in Germany as a response to the rise of Nazism. Heartfield’s motto, Use photography as a weapon, is the guiding principle behind Lyssiotis’ 7 Disrupted Interviews With History. On the one hand it is a critique on the death in police custody of Molrunji Doomadgee, and on the other a celebration of the Noongah peoples’ successful native title claim in Western Australia. The dimensions and plain red cover emulate the cover of bibles distributed by Gideons to hotels, motels and schools. 22.5 x 15cm. Published in an edition of 25 on the occasion of the exhibition Lessons in History held at grahame galleries + editions March/April 2007. Signed. Edition 20/25. Masterthief. Photographer Carl Warner.
Grahame, N 2010, ‘7 Disrupted Interviews with History’, in R. Follett (ed.) Found in Fryer: Stories form the Fryer Library Collection, The University of Library, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia. p. 200, p. 201 (illustrated).
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McQueen, Humphery 2011, ‘The end of everything else’, in M Oppen & P Lyssiotis (eds), The Silent Scream: Political and Social Comment in Books by Artists, Ant Press for Bibliotheca Librorum apud Artificem, Petersham. pp. 118-119 (illustrated).
Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions

This is War
This Is War asks that question:
Democracy? At what price? If we defend democracy with guns – or, does it deserve to be called democracy? If we export democracy in a shopping bag full of conditions and limitations and obligations and deliver it under armed guard does that justify all the deals?
Churchill’s dictum that democracy is the worst system of government apart from all the others that have been tried, opens up the whole concept of a Hollywood Democracy.
This is War depicts a version of some of the conflicts Australia has involved itself in, in the name of Democracy.
In a democracy we know that in the end everything will be OK, don’t we? What do “fledgling democracies” learn from shopping bag (& armed guard which we leave on its doorstep?)
As the sermons we hear coming out of the mouths of the leaders of democracies, become longer and longer, the intentions of democracy become less clear. But perhaps it all ends at the point where Claude Levi Strauss said, “The world began without man and will end without him.” Can the true era of democracy begin at that time.
Produced for exhibition Lessons in History Vol II held at grahame galleries + editions in 2012. 22.5 x 15cm. Edition of 18. Masterthief. Photographer Carl Warner.
Grahame, Noreen (ed.) 2012, Lessons in History Vol. II: Democracy, numero uno publications, grahame galleries + editions. pp. 46-7 (illustrated).
Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions