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Jennifer Marshall
Australia 1944

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Jennifer Marshall, 1977

Manuscript is Marshall’s homage to Gutenberg. The end papers formed from large type of letters and numbers emulate Gutenberg’s movable type. These are then offset so that they print in reverse. The monoprint medium, which Marshall uses like ‘writing by hand’ to produce her Manuscript, harks back to pre-movable type.
Turning the pages we feel we should be able to decipher the writings. Some pages carry simple marks and some more hectic texts or scribbles; some run across the page and some run from top to bottom. The last page, covered with thick black ink, is ‘inscribed’ with scribble like writing. We are so close to deciphering Manuscript, but in the end it remains elusive. Monoprints printed on offset paper. 30 p. Manuscript format 32.0 x 23.5 cm. Produced as a proof with the intention of printing an offset version.