jan voss at trag

Jan Voss
Germany 1945


Seitensprung Spielart B
Selbst Verlag, 1989

Voss is fond of using (often excruciating) puns in his books. Here the German title, literally ‘a sideways jump’, in colloquial terms means having an affair, ‘something on the side’.
On the cover an image of a man runs towards the front edge of the book, in fact the toe of his shoe disappears over the edge. The image is repeated on each page, and each time a little more of the man goes beyond the page and ends up on the fore-edge, which, once trimmed, shows the fore-edge man running towards the cover man. The book can be opened out so that the man appears to scamper across fore-edge. Voss’ clever design emulates books with painted fore-edges.¬†‘Seitensprung’ shows aspects of both ‘performance’ and ‘beyond the page’. 500p. 10.0 x 5.0 x 5.5 cm.¬†Edition 5/35 and 23/35