gilbert and george at trag

Gilbert & George
(Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore)

Gilbert, Italy1943; George, UK 1942


 Death after Life
Editions Estampa, Madrid, 1987

 A multiple in the form of a paper fan 23.0 x 42.0 cm (open), in box container. Unlimited edition.


 The Singing Sculpture push-up toy : Still dancing after all these years

Kit Grover, London (2007)

This tiny push-up toy replicates their famous ‘The Singing Sculpture’, a performance art piece, which they call ‘living sculpture’. The pair debuted the piece at Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London in 1970. The Singing Sculpture push-up toy was produced for the 2007 Gilbert & George retrospective at Tate Modern.
For their ‘living sculpture’ piece the pair stand on a table dressed in suits and metallic makeup. Throughout the day they execute precise robotic movements to the famous Flanagan and Allen song ‘Underneath the Arches’ Height 10.0 cm. Edition unknown.