erica van horn and simon cuts at tray

Erica van Horn with Simon Cutts
Horn, USA 1954, Cutts, UK 1944


Aglio 6 Olio
Coracle Docking, Norflok, UK, 1992

Aglio 6 Olio, otherwise called The Garlic Book, is an abstract cookbook. The structure emulates that of a symmetrical head of garlic, in which each of the six cloves, each a section of the whole book, presents a recipe for one of the classic sauces of garlic and oil plus one (or at the most) two other ingredients. 200 heads of 6 cloves each and their combinations were prepared in December 1992. 156 pp. letterpress and Xerox, casebound. 7.6 x 7.6 cm. 200 boxed and numbered copies. Rubber stamp on box. Dedicated to Elizabeth David. Edition 150/200.
Cutts, Simon (ed) 2006, Certain Trees: the constructed book, poem and object 1964-2006, Centre des livres d’artistes, Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, France. p. 170.