bot qca exhibition 2017

land destruction

G.W. Bot
Pakistan, arrived Australia 1956

Black Swan
Russian symbolist poet, K.D. Bal’mont, visited Australia in 1912. He witnessed the destruction of the country by white Australians in their quest for economic prosperity. Black Swan was written as a warning to white man to think and take note of what Australia is, before continuing the destruction. In 2007, when G.W. Bot made this artist’s book, little had changed and had in fact become worse.
Bot’s book is also a family history. It honours two family members who lived and made a contribution to this life, who valued the beauty of the word and the kingfisher, rather than the destructive greed of economic rationalism.
K.D. Bal’mont’s Russian text and the English translation is letterpress printed in the edition. In this Unique State copy the text is hand written. 44pp. 18.0 x 46.0 cm. Published for the exhibition Lessons in History held at grahame galleries + editions March/April 2007. The artist. Photographer Carl Warner.

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions