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Bea Maddock
Australia 1934

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 Artifacts from Tromemanner
Bea Maddock, Launceston, 1990

‘The images in the book developed from ideas contained in a painting by the artist, entitled Tromemanner – forgive us our trespass, 1988-89 (Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane). Tromemanner means “my own country” in the Tasmanian Aboriginal language of the Oyster Bay region. Both the painting and the book were the result of several years’ planning by the artist for a work based on the ancestral lands of the Tasmanian Aborigines. The stone artefacts are depicted one to a page, with a descriptive text for each in the form of a catalogue entry’. Christopher Menz
The hand of the artist is present in every aspect of production. Each component has been carefully crafted – from experimenting with papers to producing the paper for the edition to being bound by the artist. It seems that assistance was sought only with printing images. Although an edition of 25 was designated only 15 were produced. Etching, engraving, engraving, colour monoprint and letterpress on artist-made cotton paper, sino-bound. 24.6 x 21.4 cm. 28 p. Edition 7/25
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