artists books and multiples exhibition queensland college of art 2017

& So…

artists books & multiples exhibition
Queensland College of Art Library
3 July – 28th July
Centre for the Artist Book/grahame galleries + editions
collection of artists’ books and multiples
artists’ books literature from Queensland College of Art
to be opened by
Robert Heather, Director, New England Art Museum
6 pm Thursday 6th July

&So… an exhibition of Australian and international artists’ books and multiples from the Centre for the Artist Book collection including all numero uno publications alongside artists’ books from the Queensland College of Art.

International exhibitions from the Centre for the Artist Book include:
As part of 1999 Australian Olympic Arts Festival, Bernheim invite l’Australie, grahame galleries + editions was invited organised an exhibition of Australian artists’ books from the gallery’s collection, Centre for the Artist Book. The exhibition was displayed at the Bernheim Bibliothèque in Noumea, New Caledonia.
At the invitation of the Australian Commerce and Industry Office in Taiwan, artists’ books by Australian artists from the Centre for the Artist Book were exhibited at the Australian stand at the 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition.
The most recent exhibition from the Centre for the Artist Book, Une histoire du livre d’artiste Australien, was held at Le Cabinet du livre d’artiste, Université Rennes, France, from December 2015-March 2016. A special catalogue was produced to accompany Une histoire du livre d’artiste Australien.

Case 1
Australian typography – QWERTY – Stephen Banham
concertina books – Robert Filliou – Ian Hamilton Finlay – Richard Long – Ulrika Stoltz
rubber stamp books – van Horn – Dilnot – Honeywill – Spowart & Cooper
mystery and philosophy – Michael Phillips and Noel Sheridan

Case 2
multiples – Jenny Holzer
multiples – Graham – Beuys – Tipping – Jacks – Sackett
multiples – Richard Tuttle – Jenny Holzer
multiples – Richard Tipping

Case 3
concertina books – Milan Milojevic – Stephen Spurrier & Wilma Tobacco
visual language – Jan Davis – Solomon
war and streets – Robert Rooney
photomontage in history – Peter Lyssiotis

Case 4
George Maciunas – Flux Paper Events
books by performance artists – Allan Kaprow – Mike Parr
constructions – Aex Selenitsch – Peter Fleishman
painting verses photography Marcel Broodthaers

Case 5
language – Angela Cavalieri
photographic books – Christopher Williams
people – Hans-Peter Feldmann
Jorge Zontal of General Idea – Art Metropol dedication – Little Cockroach Press

Case 6
death – Christian Boltanski – Hans-Peter Feldmann
roads and people – Ed Ruscha
rubber stamp books – Robert Jacks
first artist’s book – Dieter Roth

Case 7
land destruction – G.W. Bot

appropriations – Colin Reaney

Window display
numero uno publications/grahame galleries + editions

Case 8

Collection of publications and ephemeral material on Australian artists’ books
1978 – 2012.
Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions

Posters and DVDs
Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions