alex selenitsch – 20 october – 17 november

Alex Selenitsch

Gold Mountain

Security tape appeared one day the floor outside my office to mark out a safe exit in an emergency. While mindful of its purpose, I saw the gold/black rhythm and reflective surface. I located a roll from the same supplier, and after some preliminary studies (the SECURITY TAPES) of field patterns using the black and gold diamonds in the tape, I drew/taped/constructed two models of Mt Purgatory, now numbers 1 and 7 of the present set, but then numbered 1 and 2. The rest followed to bring the number up to seven. This allowed the set to function as a conglomerate model of Mt. Purgatory, as well as offering seven individually biased versions in a kind of narrative.

The tape was applied in two stages: firstly, a profile of the mountain was put down as if it was made of strips, and secondly, a slightly disordered pattern of elements cut from the raw tape was overlaid to emphasize a transition from black to gold. Passive looking, and over it, active looking. In one drawing, these two concerns appeared to emerge out of the one gesture, indicating a place where the mountain and its occupation might be the same. This naturally became the fourth drawing, corresponding to the fourth level on Dante’s version of Mt. Purgatory – SLOTH, where Dante and Virgil rest and the mountain’s structure is explained.

vinyl security tape on paper 42.5 x 57 cm
ea. $700 or $4000 series

gold mountain 1
Gold Mountain #1 (2004)

gold mountain 2
Gold Mountain #2 (2004)

gold mountain 3
Gold Mountain #3 (2004)

gold mountain 4
Gold Mountain #4 (2004)

gold mountain 5
Gold Mountain #5 (2004)

gold mountain 6
Gold Mountain #6 (2004)

gold mountain 7
Gold Mountain #7 (2004)

Security Tapes

vinyl security tape on paper with fold-lines 32.5 x 24.5 cm
ea. $300

These began when I noticed a leftover sheet of paper with some folds in it. I had just bought a roll of security tape and noticed that the tape could easily be sliced into (at least) four kinds of diamonds. Three more sheets were then added to the set and given folds. The fold-lines used to position the first pieces on each piece of paper. Then, additional pieces were added until a balance of overall pattern and the recognition of individual pieces was achieved.

security squares 1
Security Squares #1 (2003)

security squares 2
Security Squares #2 (2003)

security squares 3
Security Squares #3 (2003)

security squares 4
Security Squares #4 (2003)

Prices quoted for drawings are unframed prices.
All works are signed and dated by the artist verso.

Alex Selenitsch

Black Books

white texts which bind black (2001)
five books – black paper, gummed paper tape

In the Black Books, white gummed paper tape is used to bind black pages together, and at the same time, provide a kind of text which is sometimes continuous and sometimes discontinuous.

a black 1 & 2
1&2 as a pair $120
1 small book/horizontal – 8pp, 6.5 x 10.5 cm
2 small book/vertical – 8pp, 9.25 x 8 cm

black 3
3 medium book/7 parallels – 4pp, 22 x 16.5 cm

black 4
4 wide book/2-3-2 – 10pp, 9 x 30 cm

black 5
5 tall book/left to right tilt – 12pp, 38.5 x 4.25 cm

Alex Selenitsch

Tapes — Empty/Full

four books – printed packing tape on found books
ea. $350

Alex Selenitsch - 20 October – 17 November 2007
1 horizontal EMPTY/FULL – 20 x 5 x 21 cm

alex Selenitsch - 20 October – 17 November 2007
2 vertical EMPTY/FULL – 16.5 x 22 x 2.5 cm

alex Selenitsch - 20 October – 17 November 2007
3 vertical FULL/EMPTY – 15 x 22.5 x 23.5 cm

alex Selenitsch - 20 October – 17 November 2007
4 vertical EMPTY & FULL – 16 x 24 x 3 cm